296 Days Until the Wedding!

I’m currently focusing on mindfulness practices in the pursuit of my fitness goals.  Blogging is a mindfulness practice that helps me stay on track with any goal, as it provides an opportunity to reflect on the day’s wins and losses and plan for tomorrow.  So, I thought I’d do a blog countdown until my wedding!  It still hasn’t sunk in that the wedding is actually happening-I’m not ready yet, but I will be!

So, let’s review today!  I did not set myself up for success. I stayed up late because I was waiting for something more insane to happen in the debate than has happened in this election already.  Ultimately, I was disappointed and lost sleep for no good reason.  So I woke up tired for the second day in a row.

Ugh.  Being tired really makes it harder for me to eat according to my meal plan and get my workout in.  Indeed, I missed my run this morning.  However, that may have been a good thing.  My knees are feeling strained, so a little rest was probably good for them.

I ate a solid breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, and a banana, then headed off to work.

For lunch, I really had to talk myself down from something cheesy and fried.  This is what I mean when I say not getting enough sleep makes it hard for me to be consistent with my meal plan.  I start looking for comfort food.  However, I am practiced in talking myself through those choices.  When I find myself looking for comfort food or stress eating, I have this practice where I fast-forward in my mind as if I ate the food I really want.  I do this because inevitably, after I eat it, I feel terrible, both physically and emotionally.  I want to enter a food coma, and only after I come out of the fog that stress-eating produces do I realize that I’ve strengthened the habit of stress-eating.  So I practice what it feels like to indulge, after the indulging is finished.  If I can interrupt the process, it almost always works.  Today it worked!  I chose a very healthy salad and made sure my carbs were chickpeas, not croutons.  My dressing was a low-calorie viniagrette, not ranch.

Then my last meal was chocolate shakeology–I just realized I ate two bananas today!  See I never would have realized that unless I was reviewing my day.

So after I ate my shakeology, I did my workout–which was challenging.  However, I’m finding that I’m improving!  At first, everything was so hard, I don’t think I believed I would improve.  But I am!

And finally, I am just trying to start a new habit of blogging at the end of the day so that I can stay on track.  My time is up though, so it’s time for bed.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings–I know I need to be up by 5am!  Yikes!

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