At What Cost?

As I was driving home from work tonight, I decided I had to skip my workout.  I had a long day, I was tired, AND there was an accident which caused me to take a detour, making my 3o minute commute EVEN LONGER.  I didn’t FEEL LIKE working out.

So, I started getting super persuasive with myself, and started asking, “Well, sure, you should work out every day, but at what cost?  I mean, you’re already tired.  You could literally go home and go directly to bed.  You’ll be super-energetic for your morning workout, and you can start your day off right.”  Oh yeah, that was convincing.  But somehow, another sneaky little voice whispered, “What about the cost of building a habit?  Not working out tonight will cost you one day that you chose not to build a habit.”

That was it.  I knew what I had to do.  I was convinced.  Come hell or high water, I would GET THAT WORKOUT IN.  And I could be proud of myself for keeping the commitment I made to myself and others.  And, also hey this simple conversation with myself was a big deal!

I got home and wasted no time in getting changed.

And then I had internet problems.  And I didn’t work out.  I guess I’m gonna have to let this one go.

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