I Forgot.

I had an AWESOME DAY. I woke up rested, I got to do my Morning Pages in total peace, I did my workout, I got my Shakeology in. img_5152

For lunch, I was out of broccoli and rice, so I got myself a grilled chicken salad, and it was awesome!  I stayed PRESENT and ENGAGED for the whole day and then did a yoga class.  This is where I forgot.

I got hungry.

The only thing I could think of that I had at home to eat was Fiber One, which I LOVE but I was afraid wasn’t going to cut it.  So I talked myself into going to Chipotle.  I don’t remember having the conscious thought of “no one will know”, but let me tell you, when I remembered that I committed to blogging about my day, I DEFINITELY THOUGHT, “Everyone will know!”

But more to the point, I can’t lie to myself about it.  I also got chips.  Yep.  I got too hungry, and this is what happens.  It means my progress will be slower than it could have been.

But writing this blog post just helped me commit to cooking my rice and broccoli tomorrow so that I can have chicken, rice, and broccoli for lunch AND dinner tomorrow!


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