My Only Goal

My only goal today was to write some kind of a blog. This was decided through a combination of Martha Beck’s Four Day Win Strategy and Charlene Johnson’s PUSH goal strategy. From the Four Day Win perspective, I needed a goal that I could absolutely do. Write a few lines of a blog? No problem! From the Push perspective, I needed to do the most compelling thing that would push me toward all of my goals. Accountability via blog? Bingo! 

So here I am, after choosing a meal spectacularly off-plan, but remembering that I can’t watch Netflix until I’ve written my blog. 

Today started out with the best of intentions, but not enough sleep. I’d forgotten all day that I’d have to account for my behavior, and here we are. 

I skipped my workout, ate a great breakfast and mid-morning snack. But then I ate the equivalent of a stromboli and I am currently sitting here, thrust back into self-awareness with a bag of Tostitos in my lap. 

I’ve been feeling really down on myself lately for not reaching my goals, but as I blog, I remember that this is the missing piece! Knowing that I will be reviewing my day and the choices I made is really helpful in sticking to my plan. 

Here’s to a better tomorrow. 

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