Two Days of Four

My only goal today, again, was to write my blog. To check in about how the day went. But today, I remembered throughout the day that I had to write my blog, and it helped me reflect on a few positives during a time where I am really struggling to establish some kind of routine. 

First, my food choices where better today! I had a chicken Caesar wrap instead of the Stromboli thing I had yesterday. Also, I walked to work, and listening to music really helped lift my mood. I’ve been feeling frustrated and stuck at every turn for a solid three months, so that little lift was a helpful reminder that sometimes simple things, like listening to music, can shift a problem that feels like it requires Herculean effort to budge. 

Tonight I’m trying to go to bed even though I’m not tired-I went to bed early last night only to be woken up by every possible noise by the neighbors at 10:00pm. 

My goal is to get up at 5am no matter what tomorrow. 

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