Making Progress

I’ve been struggling with consistency in my habits for a long time, but I am finally able to report some progress! Since moving back to State College, my life has certainly gotten simpler. I was still struggling at first to have any kind of a routine (I love routines), but six weeks in, I’ve finally settled into one. 

I’ve always believed that in order for me to genuinely begin a mission to tackle my fitness after a period of it taking a backseat, I need to take a day or a weekend to sort out my thoughts and my motivations or else I will not be successful. Now some people will claim that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I’ve tried to just jump in with action, and it doesn’t work for me. If I don’t have a visual representation of my roadmap for my goals, life quickly takes center stage, and I quickly forget about those goals. 

So, a little over a week ago, I finally cracked open my Chalene Johnson PUSH book and wrote out my priorities. Not what I WANTED my priorities to be, but what they actually are. This was eye-opening, and it made me feel like I could actually be successful. This is an exercise I highly recommend, because you may think your priority is to get a master’s degree, but if you find yourself avoiding the work, then it may not be a true priority. This exercise taught me to work with what is true for me. 

So the progress I’m experiencing is that I’m practicing consistent habits! I have a bedtime and a wake time! I’m exercising daily and following a meal plan that was carefully thought out! As a result, EVERYTHING IS EASIER. I’m tracking these habits in plain sight on a huge calendar, which is a thing that I’ve learned I need to do. If those goals aren’t in my face every single day, my life is busy enough for them to get buried. 

The thing that made this possible was a simple suggestion from my coach: do less, for the love of god, DO LESS. I was so mired in trying to do everything that I couldn’t drum up the enthusiasm to do ANY OF IT. Doing less took so much pressure off that I’m actually more productive than when I was trying to take on the world. 

As I will talk about later in this blog, doing things “a little bit at a time” sounds like pure torture to me, but I’m convinced that it’s the path to better self-discipline and ultimately success in every area of my life. And with that said, I’ve run out of blogging time, so I’m going to bed! Good night!

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