Habits in the Making

I have been trying to make it a habit to write every day, twice a day. My morning writing is easy! It’s what I get out of bed for. I can get out the cobwebs and set my intentions for the day, set plans in action to pursue my goal. 

But writing at night is harder. I tend to stay up later than I meant to, and I “forget”, which tends to happen when I don’t want to do a thing. I think this forgetting has to do with the fact that my night time blogging is the accounting of the day. Did I live up to the goals I set out to do? So often the answer is no, because I’m a relentless idealist. I plan so much more than I can do in a day. So I’m putting some accountability in place. 

Using Gretchen Rubin’s rule of “if it isn’t monitored, it won’t get done”, I’ve set up a spreadsheet of the habits I want to create daily. Blogging at the end of the day is one of them!

So this blog is simply to say that tonight is the end of the longest break I’ve had from a job in years. It was glorious. I did so many things! And I’m ready to jump into the new year with goals! 

My main focus right now is taking care of my body. So today, I am proud to say I ate mostly healthy food, but not too much, because I am still suffering from havinv one wisdom tooth removed on Friday. I swear the incision doesn’t hurt, I just can’t open my mouth. I am also proud to say I completed Day 1 of Week Four in the Hammer and Chisel workout program I’ve been doing and loving. This is my second go at it, and I’ve been more consistent this time! Yay for progress!

I’m super happy with myself for doing some food prep tonight, although, ultimately, I chose not to finish putting my salad together, because I might (seriously) just blend the greens tomorrow and drink it like a shake and eat the chicken separately. I have no reason to believe I will be capable of eating salad tomorrow. But I need those greens! I wonder if it will be good. Well, you can look forward to that report tomorrow! 

Now I’m going to work on two more habits I’d like to create: read before bedtime instead of watching Forensic Files, and FINISH BOOKS I START! I’m on page 197 of 263 in Gretchen Rubin’s Better than Before, which is the pic for this blog. 

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