Cues Work

I mentioned that I’ve been inconsistent with some habits I’ve been trying to build in January (and beyond), so I added a couple of cues in my day to remind me of my goals and to align my behavior with those goals. 

First, I wanted to blog consistently, but I needed a cue. And knowing I would need to blog for accountability helps me be thoughtful about what I eat. I also have a chart that I use to track how often I ate on-plan. This is helpful in measuring what’s moving me toward my goals. But this week, I failed to prep my food, so my chart is kind of useless. How ever, the blog becomes essential at this point. I can reflect on my day and account for my own behavior, instead of just going into the next thing. I kept forgetting to blog, so I have kind of a nighttime checklist by my bed, and I check off the things I’m supposed to do before bed, like blog and read. And for better or for worse, this cue is working. 

Tonight is definitely a night I would have “forgotten” to blog. I enjoyed a free lunch at work today, and felt so satisfied in myself for straying off plan, but only having a measured amount of that food, instead of going whole hog. I was also enjoying the fact that I weighed myself this morning, and was really happy with the progress I’ve made. 

But what is it about making progress by eating carefully planned meals that makes a person think, “Look now I can eat whatever!”  There’s got to be a name for that! I even think when I took Lexapro for anxiety and depression, when I started to feel better, I’d stop the pills thinking, “All better! All done with these now!”

So, what happened after my one meal that was fairly off-plan was that I went out to dinner and totally ate for stress relief in a big way. Chips and guacamole until I couldn’t even eat my salad. I’m hoping these two meals won’t undo the progress I’ve made this week, so tomorrow I need to keep my goals front and center when I make choices about food. 

And I’m willing to bet I would have sailed into Friday without a solid resolve to do better if I hadn’t written this blog, so I guess I’m grateful that my cue worked!

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