How You Do One Thing…

Is how you do everything. I bet this is old news for people, but the first time I heard it in a yoga class years ago, it was transformative. 

I believe the exact quote was, “How you are on the mat is how you are in your life. What do you do when it gets hard, when it hurts? Do you quit?”

And my answer was a clear, “YEP” as I flopped down on my mat. Then I plunged into some deep despair about how I was a big loser, and I was proving it here in yoga class. 

While it was true that I would quit on difficult things, the reality was a little deeper. I believed that I was a loser, and therefore quitting was really just a reinforcement of who I thought I was. It was really a deep sense of shame that would overwhelm me to the point that I couldn’t go on. 

Fast-forward to today where I realize I’m not a loser (most of the time), I still struggle with defining myself that way and making it a GLOBAL concept about who I am. It’s so deeply embedded that when I hear words like “Don’t quit!” I involuntarily fall out of form or decide I’m done in that instant (also known as quitting, exacerbated by someone telling you not to, in a tone that conveys they expect you to.) That’s powerful stuff. I respond much better to “Keep going!” Any negative words, especially if I’m tired or stressed, discourage me rapidly and completely. I can combat it, sure, but the impact still happens. One way I combat this is to actively recognize times that I finished something or times that I persevered through very difficult circumstances. And it turns out, I have done that a lot. 

For me, I find it to be mostly true that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. And this month, I’m focusing on changing my consistency in all aspects of my life. Evolving my self-discipline, and seeing where it gets me. For a long time “the way you do one thing” was an incredibly negative truth for me, because I was living in a way that confirmed negative things about myself. But I’m harnessing the power who you think you are, and it’s a remarkable thing!

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