Friday Successes! 

First, this is Day 3 of eating exactly on plan. I’m gaining some momentum! That first day was the hardest and most satisfying. 

Today was hard too, but because I’ve done it a couple of days in a row, it wasn’t as scary. I didn’t feel deprived and I wasn’t afraid of being deprived. 

I remember a study I read about in my favorite book by Martha Beck that said that EXPECTING to feel deprived triggers people’s “famine brain” or feeling compelled to eat all of the food because they feel like they can’t afford to pass up any opportunities. The interesting thing is that it wasn’t JUST deprivation, it was the expectation and fear of deprivation. 

I am, however, completely exhausted so I’m literally in bed and am going to read until I sleep or feel the need to watch Netflix. 

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