Can I Tolerate Hunger under Stress?

I’m happy to report that I followed my plan today again. Yay me! The only problem is that I’m hungrier than I expected to be, and I’m trying to make sure my calories are not more restricted than they should be. I can tolerate stress or constant hunger, but not both for long. 

The plan has been going well, as I find it much easier to abstain than to try to do something “in moderation”. Gretchen Rubin devotes a section in her book Better Than Before, and it definitely resonated with me. I have no chill.  I do not do ANYTHING in moderation. I barely understand what it means. The last time I tried to do something in moderation, I tried to have a glass of red wine and a chicken dish. Instead, I had two glasses of wine and a loaded baked potato with three kinds of cheese and chicken sprinkled on top. Then I had ice cream. Moderation is not my love language. 

So since I’m just on the plan, enjoying my food and avoiding food that makes me have cravings (bread, crackers, cheese, chocolate, diet soda, wine), it is easier. Day One was HARD, I guess because I had no history of success. I really don’t remember why it was so hard. Probably because I couldn’t see any benefits from working “in moderation”. Hahaha omg, that’s not hard to figure out. 

But now I AM seeing changes! I think I weigh around 160 now and I’m working on losing 1.5-2 pounds a week. But already I can wear clothes I haven’t fit into in a long time. I am also really enjoying my routine of reading before bed and getting up to have the morning to myself. My goal tomorrow is to give myself enough time for a little run. 

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