The Last Gasp for Crackers

I’m honestly so tired I’m not sure this will make sense. I think I’m on Day 6 of my perfect nutrition streak, and it’s easier than Day 1, but harder in other ways. 

Put simply, today I got really hungry. So hungry I started making bargains with myself. I wanted crackers in my soup SO BAD but I’m trying to get used to not eating things like crackers, chips, and bread. Today the craving was just so intense. 

But then I remembered that at least for me, it’s the worst right before you release it completely. I’m a firm believer that you create your cravings by what you eat. Knowing all of this made it easier to refuse my craving for crackers, even though my brain had me convinced that I wouldn’t be satisfied without them. 

Happily and shockingly though, I WAS satisfied with just the soup! I was so sure I wouldn’t be that I made a bargain with myself to have some protein too, but I didn’t need it! I’m confident that eating a ton of sugar snap peas helped a lot with all of this.  I love learning these new developments about my body and what is possible. 

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