Food Prep Woes

It’s past my bedtime again, so I’ll make this short. I got all of my food prep done yesterday, AND I tried two new recipes to prepare for a new program I’m starting in April. Getting all that work done meant I got to go to Bald Eagle State Park and watch for wildlife. I saw two osprey kind of fighting! 

I don’t know if everyone is like this, but the first time I try a new recipe, I usually have trouble, and I find it stressful and frustrating. And, when it’s stressful and frustrating, I get discouraged and it leads to failing to follow the plan. And I am REALLY EXCITED for this plan, so I am trying the recipes early to get the screw-ups out of the way and take the pressure off of myself. 

I somehow made the mistake of not counting how many meals I would have. I thought I made two new recipes last week, but I actually made three. So I only made two this week, but the program is fairly low meat, so I simply added chicken, thinking that would cover it. It doesn’t. 

Anyway. Long story short-WRITE YOUR MEAL PLAN DOWN. I guess I got in a hurry. I fixed it by adding two hard boiled eggs to my salads and using the chicken instead in a chicken-sweet potato-green bean meal. Next time I’ll have it down. 

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