Celebrate Small Victories

Yesterday, I was drifting and definitely feeling like I had to confess. First, because what I was doing was turning away from my goals-a pattern I recognize very well. The next step after not blogging is to fall completely off-track with my goals. 

But I woke up this morning and realized that meal was a HUGE victory in a normal, small moment. On my way to this point in my journey, I learned to eat foods that would help regulate my blood pressure and fuel me-but I kept it super simple and bland. When I got that cheat meal, I was bloodthirsty. I would get a burger and fries at Five Guys, then drive to Wegmans and get cheesecake. It was not a calm experience. And I would have an incredibly difficult time returning to the plan. 

But I realized that yesterday, I had a delicious cheat meal, and I didn’t feel like an out of control freight train eating everything in my path. This is HUGE! This is what making eating healthy into my lifestyle loooks like. I was able to return exactly to my plan today. No problem. 

So, I am well on my way to reducing my risk of diabetes and losing my apple shape! 

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