Awareness & Acceptance

I was just listening to Elizabeth Benton’s podcast yesterday-it’s called Primal Potential, and in it she talked about the basics that a person needs to hit their fitness goals. One of the things she mentioned was journaling (like I do with this blog). And she hit the nail on the head for the reason I blog. It’s not to count calories or to log hours spent working out. It’s to train ourselves to have an awareness of our bodies, our mental state, and our stress level. 

The reason I wanted to skip blogging the other night was to turn down my awareness of my body, mind, and stress level. I didn’t think I was doing a good enough job, and I didn’t want to face that painful “reality”. As it turns out, I am practicing better habits than I have for almost 3 years! And if I hadn’t taken the opportunity to reflect on the day, and every day, I would have never recognized that meal as a victory. 

But I would argue again that in order to change, we must first develop some awareness of ourselves, maybe by journaling, and then practice acceptance. It is only from a foundation of accepting ourselves, warts and all, that we can begin the process of change. 

On that note, I got a run in today and had a perfect nutrition day!

*edited to add, as I looked for quotes on this, I am clearly not the first to realize this sequence. 

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