Yes, I’m in Bed 

I’ve gotten into the habit of going to bed between 8-10 at night and getting up at 4 to get my daily morning routine in, and I continue to be surprised at how much of a difference it makes! In the morning, I take time to do the things I love and work out. And working out at home is becoming a thing I love. Fall in love with the process, folks, and that’s how you get results. 

Anyway, I’m just thrilled at how well it’s working for me. I’ve let go of guilty feelings that I should hang out with Matt and am making my sleep schedule a priority. Getting enough sleep is instrumental in my formula for success. So yes, even on the weekend, I go to bed this early and get up at 4. I’m doing really well with not hitting snooze!  

The magic is in getting up to do something you love: drink coffee and write. 

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