I promised I would blog today, so I am, following a four-day streak of “forgetting” to blog. Forgetting is almost always a side effect of eating off-plan. I don’t want to report it, I want to deny it! Pretend I didn’t do it! So my brain does this magic trick where it “forgets” that I have a nightly ritual of reflecting on my day. 

Today’s post is an example of placeholding-a technique I’ve used to build habits, AND I read about it in Gretchen Rubin’s book, Better Than Before. It means that you hold space and time for the habit, even if you don’t do it completely-you make room for it in your day. 

For me, this has looked like watching a workout video instead of DOING it, or walking instead of running. Tonight, it was going to be one simple sentence that would serve as a blog, but I can see it has turned into more than that!

My image for tonight is a Girl Scout cookie, because for the first time in years, I made the mistake of buying them, and OMG they are hard to resist! Looks like I’ll be giving them away at work. 

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