Little Allowances

For some reason this past week, I’ve started to allow little things to sneak through my nutrition plan. It was a little chips and guacamole here, some Girl Scout cookies there, but I know better! 

Today, I went to an event at night on campus, and while being tired can inhibit your ability to stay disciplined, I did not help myself out. I entertained the thoughts of the buffalo mac and cheese, the breaded chicken tenders, the veggie won tons, and the homemade chips. Then I ate it all. 

Now here’s the thing. I enjoy my meal plan for the most part, but what I really like is that I have even energy all day long and I’m seeing changes like better sleep, better focus, and a stronger sense of control in my life. Eating off plan means I lose some of those amazing benefits, so I’ve got to do some soul-searching tomorrow to find out what program is running in my head that is making it ok to stray. 

My strategy for not straying is simple. Do not even entertain the thought. Every time you want to eat something off plan, recognize that as a red flag that your brain is about to take you roughshod straight to the burgers and ice cream. The entertaining weakens your resolve (at least it does for me). Recognizing the red flag creates a little space between me and it, and that space allows me time to make a conscious decision to stay on track, and that usually means abstaining. 

I had a treat if some kind every day this week, so I can expect not to see much change in my measurements this week. 

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