Season of Self-Care: Take Two

It’s been a month since I decided to blog every day and put my own self-care first.


But here I am blogging.  And all I’m going to say is that I’m experimenting with repeatedly asking myself “Does this move me toward or away from my goal?” with every decision I make.  Really, I’m trying to make it a refrain.

I learned that I fall prey to a very common pattern of behavior: I’ll do something good, like go to the gym or eat on plan for a day (ok let’s be real, for ONE MEAL).  And then my brain decides that because it took effort to “be good” I now have the right or permission to “be bad”. It’s almost as if I automatically frame choices that would change my behavior, habits, and ultimately my health and productivity as a COST THAT NEEDS TO BE OFFSET by equal but opposite spending.  Eat a salad for lunch?  Have ice cream!  Balance, right?  Wrong.

So, I think if I keep the refrain “Does this move me toward or away from my goal” I can stop framing my choices as “good” or “bad” and maybe actually make some progress.  Here goes!

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