Daily Blogging and Accountability

So I forgot to blog at the end of the day yesterday – again! I did have an eventful day, but I’m trying not to let my evening routine be destroyed by the feeling of being tired. That’s ok, I’ll try again today/tonight!

So yesterday, I DID make it to Power Yoga!  And I was anxious, but I realized that so were a lot of other people. It was interesting to watch. I did my very best to do everything that I could – to really push myself, and I did. In fact, I started to feel sick – and again, this is where I had to toe the line between pushing myself and not having to tap out of the class early because I pushed myself to the point of being sick.

One thing that I find remarkable is that I will think I am in the pose as much as I can be, and Kerry will come by and help me “find it” a little better. It’s really incredible, if you ask me. So here I was, in triangle (I think), and I am doing my damn best (in my mind, at least).  But Kerry came by, and helped me twist a little more, reach a little more, and then REPEAT – and WHOA!  I didn’t know I could do that! It was incredible, and I was so glad I came.

For the day, I tried to track what I ate – and who knew that Wegmans has bar codes on their food items in their buffet line?  I was waffling between a big fat turkey sub (I was HUNGRY!), and the second Thanksgiving dinner they had on the buffet.  I knew I should not have the sub. At least if I had the Thanksgiving dinner, I could have real turkey.  So I did that, and I had stuffing, potatoes, and gravy. My goal is not YET to necessarily CHANGE what I’m eating, but just to get into the habit of TRACKING IT.  I thought I ate like 800 calories, which should have sufficed, but I was still hungry afterward. So I decided to just be hungry. I ate SO MUCH around Thanksgiving, that my guess is, my body is just expecting me to gorge for every meal, and I don’t want to do that.

So then I came home tried to do some work, but eventually I had to take a nap because Power Yoga really wipes me out. When Matt came home we went out to eat at this Mexican place, and I realized that it would be REALLY HARD to track those calories. I had guacamole and chips – but how much of either? I don’t know. I had some of Matt’s meal of three different enchiladas, with rice and some kind of chipotle sauce – but how much? I have no idea.

So I guess another lesson learned is to be MINDFUL of what I’m eating and how much. That’s a different habit to get into with eating well and tracking food.

Today 11/26/2017, my goal is to go for a little walk/run to start training for this 5K on December 31. I guess I should look up that plan!

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