This daily blogging habit is really slippery. I sat down last night and wrote about a revelation I had yesterday, but it literally never crossed my mind to write my daily blog.

So as a recap of yesterday, my whole body hurt from doing Power Yoga the day before. I was exceptionally tired, which I can only guess was from doing power yoga.

So I managed to do some writing for pleasure, and some deep practice writing. And then I ate lunch and tried to buy groceries, but man, I was so tired I couldn’t keep a train of thought.

Even late at night, I knew I should do things like laundry or make a list of things to pack for the trip I’m taking this week – but no. I actually took a bath and stayed in there for 45 minutes, fully undecided on what to do next. I even had a hard time deciding to even wash my hair. This should not have been a hard decision.

I got in bed around 8:00pm, and you’d think that I would fall right asleep, but I didn’t. I scrolled for almost two hours on social media. I got up at 4:20am this morning, so hopefully I’ll still fall asleep easily tonight, although I will be at work until 9:00pm at the least.

I need an alarm to remind me to blog!

As far as food goes, I tried to make good choices for lunch. I went to Wegmans, thinking I would get a salad – the lies I tell myself! I ended up getting some Chinese, which I didn’t even enjoy, to tell you the truth. I also got some mac and cheese. Which I also didn’t enjoy – that is unheard of. I’m not sure why, but that’s what happened.

For dinner, Matt and I cooked a Blue Apron meal – seared chicken with sweet potatoes and kale.

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